Cool Change operates near Kuraree,
a meeting place for Whadjuk Noongar Bibbulmun moort (family), brought together by ke-ning (corroboree) to share kaartdijin (knowledge).

We acknowledge that this is and always will be Aboriginal land, and that our capacity to engage in creative practice on this boodja is informed by the knowledge and labour of First Nations People.

– Place names retrieved from Gnarla Boodja Mili Mili


makuru '24


Statement in Solidarity with Palestine

Cool Change stands in unconditional support of the ongoing Palestinian resistance, liberation and right to return. We condemn the unconscionable acts of ethnic cleansing and the decades-long genocidal agenda committed by the Zionist Israeli government on occupied Palestinian lands and territories.

Our organisation aims to amplify messages of self-determination loudly and without moderation. As artists and arts workers, it is our responsibility to understand our place in the context of colonialism, disenfranchisement and oppression.

It is our responsibility to question the dominant stream of information and to encourage an alternative lens through which truth and liberation can come into focus.

This responsibility knows no borders: as we write from stolen land on so-called australia in support of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who too continue to fight for their unceded Sovereignty and ownership over Country.

Cool Change stands for a Free Palestine, in demanding an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid and an end to Israel’s apartheid regime. We stand in solidarity with Palestinian liberation actions and protest including the Jewish Voice for Peace and BDS movements both here and globally.

Image: Matt Chun